An epic film about the creation of the Red Cross.
Emotion, passion: a great adventure !
Emilie Dequenne et Thomas Jouannet
Emilie Dequenne and Thomas Jouannet (Photographer:David Koskas)

An idealist, a romantic, humanist and visionary, swiss-born Henry Dunant led an insane battle to convince nation states to allow a relief society to take care of soldiers who fell on the battlefield, regardless of their nationality. The fierce will of this man who dared the impossible, thereby earning the first Nobel Peace Prize, was the spark that led to the founding of the Red Cross Society. This film, an epic loosely based on the life of Henry Dunant, is carried by the spirit and the passion that drove this resolutely modern hero of the 19th century.


This version includes Japanese subtitles, Spanish audio and two bonus features. This version does not include Swedish subtitles. Unless you specify otherwise in the comment section of the order form, this version will be sent to you automatically if the TV standard of your country is NTSC.