Dominique Otnin-Girard
Dominique Othnin-Girard, Director
(Photographer:David Koskas)
Dominique Othenin-Girard has directed a total of 26 films in various countries.

He started his career as assistant to Karen Reiz on T he French Lieutenant's Mistress (1981) and worked with Alain Tanner before founding his own production company to write and finance his first feature film, After Darkness (1984). After producing films for the TSR and in Britain, he emigrated to the United States in 1987 and settled in Los Angeles. He directed Deliver US from Evil (1988), of which Steven King was to say that it was the best smallbudget horror film he had seen in a long time. He was asked to direct Halloween V, The revenge (whose screenplay he wrote) and Omen IV (1989-1990). In 1990, he founded a production company in L.A. and developed a film he had put his heart into, Sandra: A Love Story, a family drama that deals with children with Down's Syndrome (1992). Since then, he has directed a dozen feature films both for the silver screen and television.

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His next feature film, " L'Infiltré " currently in preparation with Bohemian Films, is an adaptation of the true story of a "mole" who infiltrated a criminal network specialized in laundering drug money. After Henry Dunant, this is the portrait of another man of good faith. His second movie project is a comment on the way we treat animals and on the mad-cow phenomenon and other avian flus. " Halfway between a thriller and a science film, this film will have a similar feel to Hitchcock's Birds. "