A major international coproduction

The filming of Henry Dunant - Red on the Cross is the result of an unprecedented team effort that led to a major international coproduction involving:

Four co-producing countries

Dune : Set up in 1980 by Robert Nador and Eve Vercel, Dune has produced several hundred hours of programming, of which a number of prestige fiction movies and series that have been co-produced and distributed internationally with great success. Dune has produced many made-for-TV movies and mini-series for France 2, including the Maigret and Groupe Flag series and a new children's series, Heidi , currently under development.

With the support of CNC, in partnership with France2.
» www.dune.fr

Bohemian Films : Bohemian Films is a Geneva-based movie production company that specializes in fiction and documentaries for the film and TV markets. It has worked on many international co-productions, mainly with other French-speaking countries, and manages a network of competencies built up over 25 years under the leadership of André Martin and Gérard Cavat. Its catalogue includes some twenty feature films.

With the support of the OFC, the Télé Production Fund, the State Council and City of Geneva, the Regio Films fund and the Loterie Romande.
» www.bohemianfilms.ch

Pale Blue Productions : Sigi Borutta, the former executive producer of a large television production company, set up Pale Blue in 1999 to develop his own projects. The company quickly took off, and in 2004 he hired Knut Ogris to further develop it. Together, they have participated in several international coproductions, including Henri Dunant - Red on the Cross and It used to be a great Flag, which was coproduced with Lars von Triers - Zentropa Real.

With the support of the Film Fund Vienna, the RTR-Fernhsehfilmförderung and Cine Styria.

With the support of the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Union